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Travel to Spetses

How to reach the Island of Spetses

Athens International Airport (AIA) is located 33 km north-east of Athens, and the Piraeus harbour is in the southern part of Athens. The travel time from Athens Airport to Piraeus is normally 1-2 hours by bus (X96) or taxi, and 1 hour by metro. In the harbour you take the boat (hydrofoil or ferry) to Spetses, be aware that you must reserve these boats in advance. The travel time by hydrofoil from Piraeus to Spetses is around 2-2.5 hours by high-speed ferry or 4.5-5 hours by conventional ferry.

* From Athens International Airport - to Piraeus port:

  1. Use Google Maps to plan your route to Piraeus port.
  2. The metro is probably the best option to get to Pireaus port from the airport. The metro leaves from a station in front of the arrivals section. To reach Piraeus from the airport by metro, take the blue line (line 3) from the airport (there is only one line that leaves the airport) and get off at Monastiraki station. Then take the green line (line 1) to Pireas Port and get off at the last stop. From there, the Hellenic Seaways departure place is less than a 5-minute walk. Metro travel information can be found here https://stasy.gr/en/.
  3. The Express Bus (X96) leaves from the designated area located at the inner curbside of the Arrivals Level, right outside the Intra Schengen area, between doors 4 and 5. Take the X96 and get off at the last stop, which is again very close to the place where the flying dolphins depart. It takes on average about 1.5 hours to reach Pireaus from the airport by bus. For more information the web site of the company that operates the public buses is OASA (Athens Public Transport Organization).

    Where to buy: From the bus driver, or all metro stations and public transport ticket outlets.
    OASA-site or contact the OASA call centre on 185 (Monday to Friday: 06:30-23:30; Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays: 07:30-22:30).
  4. You can also take a taxi from the airport, although as there are special lanes for buses, it is not faster to take a taxi.
  5. After you arrived to the Piraeus port you have to travel by boat - to the Island of Spetses (region Saronicos): The high-speed ferry trip takes about 2 hours and a one-way ticket (economy fare).
    Please make sure you make a reservation for the boat in advance

    For additional information and reservations, please visit the website of Hellenic Seaways
  6. Alternative route from Athene to Spetses (via Kosta) by Bus
    You can take the bus to Kranidi, from the Intercity bus station (K.T.E.L.), which is located in Kifissos Athens (Tel. [+30] 210-513458).
    From Kranidi there is a responce to Kosta with another bus, which is coordinated with the departure of the ferry boats. (tel. Intercity bus of Kranidi [+30] 27540-21218).
    Kosta is a location across Spetses island and is about 600 m away from Spetses.
    You can cross from Kosta to Spetses with one of the below ways:
    With the ferry boat, which make 4 schedules daily all the year around (8.00 - 10.30 - 13.30 - 17.00).
    With traditional boats (kaiki) which operates the summer months.
    With sea taxi which operates 24 hours a day, from Kosta to Spetses or Spetses to Kosta.

 Transportation on Spetses/ how to find the School

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